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Ici, bientôt des news au sujet de DarZahia et des événements autour de ses activités.


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  1. Peer Faurskov Lund
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    Dear Zahia and Marc.
    I was the man from Denmark, who stayed with you at same time as the 3 guests from London.
    I really enjoy to stay with you three nights in late December. And Sanas food was wonderful. And so nice to have a proffessionel talk with Marc as a photographer.
    I really loved to stay with you in your beautiful house and thanks for all your help.
    I went down to Tafraoute to see the oases, but they were some dry and the almond trees were not yet in bloom, but the landscape was good.
    Do you have a e-mail execpt from this blog?
    Please send Sana and her sister my salams.
    Best regards Peer

  2. sikis izle

    Superbe blog, qui transpire la passion à l’état pur…

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